The Dutch interest group for parents in day care, better known as BOinK asked us to redesign their training material about Dutch law and regulation that addresses the daily functioning of child daycares.

The goal

Our goal was to make their basic training on the explanation of the legal frameworks behind parent committees in child day cares more engaging and less monotonous.

The process

We started with observing the training ourselves, doing interviews and a questionnaire with the parents who are visiting the training. With those insights we sketched out the first designs for the new training materials which we brought to a co-creation session with the BOinK team. After this session, taking into account the feedback and input and expertise of the BOinK team with the content of the training, we further iterated the designs to a digital format. This format was tested out in a pilot training session to further optimize the materials. While the new setup was also new to the trainers, there were some parts to optimize regarding how the trainers could use the materials. For this reason we also designed a handout that helped the trainers to prepare for the training. For example, some of the gaming elements were eliciting a lot of interaction (which was exactly the goal of our redesign), yet now trainers of course needed to adapt to how to make sure these parts of the training are integrated well, to make sure timing is kept into account.

In the video below you see the first part of the process of this project (the video is in Dutch, yet make sure to put on the subtitles by clicking on the icon in the bottom right of the screen):

The solution

The solution for making the training more interactive and engaging was to use visualisation as a conversation starter, explaining complex laws in an easier and more fun way as well as by gamifying the training itself. Using a card game to trigger the participants regarding how they deal with the legal frameworks, which for some of them is even new information, making them aware about how the committee is organised and representing the other parents in the child day care. The participants get the visuals printed out in a handout with space to make notes, for good recording of all the information that is presented and discussed.

The visualized training slides are a browser-based format written in HTML. This meant that every trainer would have access the latest version. Because of this further optimization and interactivity of the training material can be made without the need to distribute the newly adjusted training to each trainer individually.

As part of the project we also redesigned the training guide for the trainers. We decided to stick to a paper A4 format, but designed it in such a way, that each page could be replaced for an updated version i.e. keeping the guide up to date without wasting time and resources.