Inhouse training Legal Design Thinking

Inhouse Training Legal Design thinking

If you want to make your team ready to be able to do legal design work for (internal) projects to create better user experience and understandable legal services and document, we help you get ready and upgrade your skills.

Open up your team’s Mindset

Train hard design and visual thinking skills

Learn how to prototype and create new legal products and services

Create your own training

Choose your base training format + main skills focus

Depending on your situation you can choose to focus on either ‘Empathize’ or ‘Make’ or following up both training days. Both trainings help change the mindsets of your teammembers towards an innovative and open problem solving mindset related to legal topics and problems, with the end user or customer in mind, though the way to reach that will differ. We recommend to organise the workshop with a multidisciplinary team – hence a mix of designers, developers, lawyers, communication specialists, business developers etc.

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Think of:

Need help in choosing the right base for your training?

If you are not sure what type of training would be more adequate, do not doubt on contacting us and we will advice you.